Starting NPC: Rimel
Location:South Fanburg (64, 81) (Daytime only)
Repeatable: Yes
Time Limit: No
Boss Fight: Yes, selectable
Recommended Level/Size: 2 Player Lvl 3
Reward:Clear Certificate (500 G)
Large Red Rune Cube (depending on your choice)
Title : Frolics Among the Flowers


1. At South Fanburg (67,81), talk to Rimel, grab the quest and she asks you to deliver Rimel's Snack to a monster she has seen in a dungeon outside the capitol.

2. Once you've grabbed the quest, exit by the South Gate. Head southeast until you hit the shore or mountain, and just follow the mountain's edge, enter the hole at (55, 205).

3. This is a very simple dungeon called the Flower Garden. The monsters are low leveled and you should have no problem doing this with 2 people or maybe even alone. You'll find 2 sets of retro ice slick mazes. The first one is extremely simple.

4. Once you pass it, head to the second floor. Upon arriving here, something that some people may not notice is the path that is semi-blocked by the wall, you have to take this one.

5. Navigate your way to the second ice slick. Now this can get a little tricky for some people so let's make it simple. Take the path downwards first.

6. Now move diagonally and you'll be past the tricky part, quite simple.

7. Continue forward and you should find yourself in this position soon enough.

8. Don't go onto anymore ice slicks, instead just move southwest along the wall and you'll end up here at the stairs to the 3rd floor.

9. No more tricks to this floor, just a simple normal maze and you'll find a flower now.

10. Talk to it and gently give it the food. You have the option to throw it at him as well, this will provoke him to attack, and he's a level 10 Walking Flower with skills.

He will give you a Seedling upon completing the dialog, a wilted seedling upon defeating him, or nothing if you fight him and lose and you may now return to Rimel.

Talk to her and complete the quest to receive a Clear Certificate worth 500g and the title Frolics Among the Flowers. If you didn't fight him, or fought him and won, you also get a Rune Cube.

This description needs a complete revision, it isn't clear enough what to do.