RuneCube    Rune Cube

A monster's beautiful stone. You can sell it at shops to exchange them for regular money.


There are many different sized and colored Rune Cubes, each with their own NPC sale price.

Rune Cubes come in an assortment of different sizes and colors. Most enemies, if not all, drop Rune Cubes. Higher level enemies drop bigger Rune Cubes, just as bigger cubes sell for greater amounts of money.

The color of the cube varies with its price, being in this order of most valuable to least:

White > Green > Red > Blue > Yellow

The Yellow cube is the cheapest of all the colored cubes of the same size.

Tiny White Rune Cube Tiny Green Rune Cube Tiny Red Rune Cube Tiny Blue Rune Cube Tiny Yellow Rune Cube
14 G 11 G 8 G 5 G 2 G
Small White Rune Cube Small Green Rune Cube Small Red Rune Cube Small Blue Rune Cube Small Yellow Rune Cube
38 G 33 G 28 G 23 G 18 G
Medium White Rune Cube Medium Green Rune Cube Medium Red Rune Cube Medium Blue Rune Cube Medium Yellow Rune Cube
85 G 76 G 66 G 57 G 47 G
Large White Rune Cube Large Green Rune Cube Large Red Rune Cube Large Blue Rune Cube Large Yellow Rune Cube
237 G ??? G ??? G 114 G ??? G
Huge White Rune Cube Huge Green Rune Cube Huge Red Rune Cube Huge Blue Rune Cube Huge Yellow Rune Cube
??? G 332 G ??? G ??? G 190 G

Images from JP Concerto Gate wikiki.