Quests are optional tasks assigned by NPCs which usually reward your character with an item, and will almost always reward you with a Claim Slip which can be exchanged for gold. Some quests require you to explore dangerous dungeons, so be sure to be prepared and bring along some friends!


It is important to note that you can only have one quest active at a time, so it is usually best to plan to do quests together with a Party. If you accept another quest while a quest is already active, you will lose all progress and Title you received from the previous quest and will have to start over.

Main QuestsEdit

Main quests deal with the main storyline of the game about the Five Heroes.

Quest Title Start NPC NPC Location
Hero Candidate Trial Clerk Gates Summoning Room, Lycelia Castle [Tutorial Only]
The Legend of the Five Heroes' Treasure Well String Jewelry Shop, East Fanburg

Sub QuestsEdit

Sub quests are important quests that are not based around the central storyline.

Quest Title Start NPC NPC Location
Green Card Job Recruiter or Employment Guide Book Throne Room, Lycelia Castle
The Demon Teacher Returns!! Armay Hall of Trials, Lycelia Castle [After Tutorial]
Fuss About Food Greengrocery Owner South Fanburg (near General Store)
Burst!? The Ultimate Knocker Mask Jacqueline Jack's House, East Fanburg

Other QuestsEdit

General quests by normal townspeople and other requests.

Quest Title Start NPC NPC Location
Snack Delivery Rimel South Fanburg (Daytime)
Infiltrate the Secret Club! Hein West Fanburg

See AlsoEdit

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