NOTE: This is not a real quest. This page is designed as a template to use for quest walkthroughs. Please format your quest walkthroughs like this.

Starting NPC: NPC Name
Location: East 42, South 23 West Fanburg
Prerequisits: None
Recommended Level/

Party Size:

One Level 1 player
Claim Slip Reward: 500 G
Additional Rewards: Skill: Heal I, Fancy Boots


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  1. Speak with NPC Name. He will ask you to visit the Restaurant.
  2. Head to the Restaurant in East Fanburg. Once you arrive, wait until night.
  3. Once it is night time, play the piano, and a Knocker mouse will leap down and teach you Heal I.
  4. Return to NPC Name to clear the quest and receive your claim slip.