Equipment include items that you can equip to one of your character's three equipment slots.

They are primarily used to damage enemies and boost your stats, as well as change your

appearance. You can have a weapon, a shield, a head piece, a body armor, and boots. You can switch between the equipment slots by choosing the appropriate tab in the Item window.

The rank of Equipment you can wear is limited by your Class Rank.

Types of EquipmentEdit

Using EquipmentEdit


In-game tutorial on equipping items.

To use your equipment--be it a sword, shield, clothes, or anything-- you must first place it into one of your three Equip Slots. To do this, open your item window, place your mouse over the item you wish to equip, and drag it onto one of the equipment slots. Your character will now be wearing that piece of equipment. Note that you can only have one of each type; you can't equip two weapons for example.

Once you have the item equipped, your character will gain its special stat bonuses as long as it remains equipped and you are using that particular Equip tab. However, it is important to note that equipment wears down over time-- its durability gradually decreases each battle. If you do not repair it before it breaks, you will lose the item.

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