Starting NPC:Jacqueline
Location: Jack's House, East Fanburg
Repeatable: Yes
Time Limit: No
Boss Fight: Yes
Recommended Level/Size:Lvl 5~10
Rewards: Clear Certificate (1000 G)
Fancy Boots
Title : Who knows Heroes


1. At Jack's House, East Fanburg (78, 93), pick up the quest from Jacqueline (4, 10),and she will tell you her son is missing. Select Yes.

2. Head out and go to West Fanburg. Near the Hospital at (52, 33) talk to Sewer Guard, he lets you into the sewers.

3. Go straight to (47, 3), there will be a box of Lost Property. Talk to it and get the Torn Clothes.

4. Continue and take the right, go down the path. At (15, 19) there's another Lost Property. Talk to it and get the Comic Book.

5. Head back the way you came and continue down the path. At the next fork, take the right and find another Lost Property at (31, 25). Take the Rice Ball out of it.

6. Go back down the other way and take the right way at the end. Continue and take another right path at the end then go straight down and you'll find the entrance to the second stage at (8, 17).

7. This floor is simple, just go straight ignoring any forks and you'll arrive at (20, 18). You'll be ambushed by 5 Hobgoblins and 1 Goblin Orb. After you win the battle, you will be teleported to the third floor.

Tip: Before going down to the next level, it would be good idea to heal yourself.

8. Continue down the path, ignore the first fork and go left at the second. Continue down the path and go straight to the end. Take the right here and continue towards the end. At (5, 43) you'll find the entrance to the last floor of the sewer.

9. Go straight down and there will be a monster. Heal up before talking to it as it is the last boss. The encounter consists of 1 level 20 Dust Devil and 3 level 18 Dispains. Defeat them and there'll be a short dialogue. Finish it.

Tip: Earth elemental attacks should work well during this battle.

10. Talk to Knocker Mask after the fight and he'll warp you outside of the sewers. Head back to Jack's house (79, 93),talk to Jacqueline (4, 10),and head up the stairs. Talk to Jack then head back down and talk to Jacqueline(1, 10) again. You'll be awarded with a Clear Certificate, the title Who Knows Heroes and Fancy Boots.